Enlarging a Bedroom

If you don't know what this blog post relates to, head over here to have an overview of the numbers to this rental property project.

Here's a video version of this project during the strip out phase:

When we first viewed this house, there was a stairway going up to the loft in this bedroom, taking up space there. Our original plan was to replace the staircase as it was too steep, so it wouldn't have passed building control for use as a rental property. It would still work as a double-sized bedroom which complies with room standards in this council.


Good thing was, when our architect came around to do a feasibility study, he has suggested that we could demolish that loft staircase and build a new one above the staircase going from the ground floor to the first floor. That will help us enlarge this bedroom and we could knock a doorway through the wall to the kitchen and create an ensuite for this bedroom.

Building a new stairway up to the loft didn't break the bank either, considering the whole refurbishment costs come up to about £85,000, which is funded by our private investors.

For a detailed explanation of how we re-configure the house room layout, here's a video you can check it out:


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