Conversion of a 4 bed semi detached house into a 6 bed, 6 bath quality shared house for working professionals

Project: Upper Rice



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This property has been transformed completely. In order to maximise its value, we shifted the kitchen from ground floor to first floor and remodeled the old kitchen into a bedroom. 

We particularly like that the previous owner already converted the loft, which now serves as the biggest room in this house with plenty of space.

We've also installed 6 en-suites, 1 for every tenant, as tenants prefer their own bathroom over shared bathrooms. 


Now, it is a well performing asset for us that delivers continuous high returns for our investors for years to come. 

Works carried out:

Part roof replacement

Damp proof course

Full electrical rewire

Full interlinked fire alarm system

Full central heating system

Plaster throughout

Relocation of kitchen upstairs

6 en-suites

Decoration and furniture

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