Reasons to start a property business

In this post, we are going to share with you why we started our property investment business. Throughout our studies, we always knew that we don't want to be tied up in a nine-to-five job for the next 40 years. Besides that we saw that the pension system doesn't really work out the way that people think.

We were thinking about our pension. It might sound a bit odd but we thought we'd start with the end in mind. What are we working for? Then working backwards, what do we need to do to get to where we want to get to? We realise that there are quite a lot of people in their 50s and 60s talking about pension and that it probably won't work out the way that they envisioned it. We also saw people in their 70s and 80s picking up jobs but that is not because they really liked working but because they need the money.

That made us think what can we do in our young age to know once we reach retirement age that we're actually safe. That's what got us thinking into starting our own business and then specifically starting our property business. That's the same time when we realised that there is a huge housing shortage crisis in the UK. There's a lack of housing for more than millions people and a lot of people are living in inadequate housing conditions. There is overcrowding in family houses. That's when we thought on the one hand we wanted to start our own business, on the other hand there is this opportunity to provide housing. Why don't we marry them both and that's how we got into the business of doing property investing.

That's what we do now, we buy random houses, do them up and rent them out. People get a lovely home that they can move into, pay affordable rent and we're helping the government to ease a bit of the housing crisis. At the same time, we are building up our business so we're in a position where we can help other people with their life, in their housing and at the same time we're helping ourselves building a business and doing that long-term step of building ourselves a nice pension pots through properties.

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