Conversion of a 4 bed semi detached house into a 6 bed, 5 bath quality shared house for working professionals

Project: Glover



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This property used to be a large family house that had been slightly extended on the front and back which made it just a bit bigger than all other houses on the street.

This small difference to other houses meant a lot for us, as it just made it big enough and ideal for a shared house for 6 people!

We have largely kept the original layout of the house to keep our conversion costs down​.

The property is ideally located within walking distance to a conservation area with pubs and bars, which makes it very attractive for tenants. 

Works carried out:

Damp proof course

Full electrical rewire

Relocation of gas and electric meter

Full interlinked fire alarm system

Full central heating system

Plaster throughout

Relocation of kitchen upstairs

4 en-suites

1 shared bathroom

Replacement of windows and french doors

Decoration and furniture

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