Refurbishment of a 2 bed flat

for Buy to Let

Project: Mayfield




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Monthly rental 

Expenses incl mortgage

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This was our first property we have bought and it was full of learnings for us. Starting from how to arrange trades to dealing with utility companies, we had a steep learning curve ahead of us. 


However, with our experienced build team, we leveraged a lot on other people's knowledge and de-risked the investment for us. 

At the time, we thought we are undertaking a massive refurbishment. Now, we know, it was massive, but only because it was our first! 


Comparing this refurbishment to our current deals, we can say that we have come a long way!

Final 3.jpg
Final 2.jpg
Final 1.jpg
Final 4.jpg

Works carried out:

New kitchen

Upgrades to bathroom

New consumer unit

Decoration and floorings

During 2.jpg
During 1.jpg
During 3.jpg
Before 3.jpg
Before 2.jpg
Before 1.jpg

See us in action.